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Borgo Contract Seating

Brand Persona Renaissance

I worked with Borgo during their biggest brand transformation in the company’s history. More than a face-lift, Borgo wanted to redefine their brand image and make a fundamental shift in its brand visuals and voice.

Despite 30 years of heritage, Borgo wasn’t creating enough buzz for their younger customers, dealers and designers. For long-term change, Borgo’s new vision needed to be properly implemented across the whole brand and communicated in the right way.

As a manufacturer of office furniture and fixed seating, Borgo was a seating and upholstery-first company. After working with the brand from Italy to Canada, I supported them with the shift from product-focused to a youthful, design-first approach.

Below is an example of where I combined the satire of IKEA’s illustration and applied it to an existing Borgo product in an unorthodox way while celebrating the Super Bowl. Playing up the humour with simple visuals and altering Borgo’s usual tone, I still managed to prompt visits to the Mya Lounge Chair web page and grow awareness across all social platforms as a direct result.

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Creating an identity flexible enough to work for both external and internal assets including print and digital;, invoices, product brochures, social media, trade shows and showroom environments.

Introducing a vibrant colour palette to get Borgo noticed and loved. And changing the visual codes of everything. We also visited the showroom floors and implemented bolder fabrics on the chairs to display and exhibit in at trade shows. I also supported the change to the brand voice on social media, website and advertising copy which allowed for anchoring everything in an uncomplicated aesthetic that appeals to their youth demographic yet understood amongst legacy clients.
While I can say I played a major role in this project, which consisted of a team of two, I have to give credit to the owner’s son Lucas Spassiani, as he was the lead ambassador of this rebrand which made directing this project a joy.

A significant increase in web traffic and trade show presence, Borgo transformed their showroom and overall look to reflect the design thinking implemented in their rebrand.

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Borgo Contract Seating

Brand Persona Renaissance