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PROJECT: Sammy’s Sandwiches app
ROLE: Branding, UX Design, UX Researcher
DURATION: November 2022 (6 weeks)


Creating a sandwich delivery app to help customers pre-order, pickup or have delivered any sandwich order to skip lines and streamline payment. Overall, to expedite the order and payment process for customers on the go.


  1. Increase customer loyalty
  2. Create an easy user flow for pre-ordering food
  3. Provide secure and seamless payment process


Creating a faster way for patrons to order food and skip the lines for convenience.
Increase customer loyalty and provide fast, secure method for users to pre-order food for pickup or delivery.
What is the product and who is it for?
What do our primary users need most?
What is the primary device according to users?
What challenges could we face moving forward?
Who do we see as our biggest competitors?
What familiar pain points can we overcome and foresee?
Usability research was conducted to determine how easy and informative this app is for users.

Unmoderated research was conducted where participants were given tasks to perform remotely and details their findings, thoughts, and processes. We assumed some aspects would be difficult and some would be easy. We were pleased with our results amongst participants.
sammy's sandwich affinity map
Affinity Map

Meet the Users

Persona 1: Joseph
“Sandwiches are the perfect meal for my busy time schedules”
Name: Joseph Scoliari
Age: 22
Education: University Student
Hometown: Toronto
Family: 1 brother, 2 parents
Occupation: Grocery Store

– Pre-order availability
– Offers/discounts available
– Loyalty program

– Long wait times for orders
– No major incentives for loyal customers

Busy, on-the-go student whose time is divided between school work and part-time occupation. Prefers to eat while studying so that he can multi-task and saves time on cooking and washing dishes.
Persona 2: Anne-Marie
“Always looking at the up-side of life.”
Name: Anne-Marie Lessard
Age: 36
Education: Marketing Degree
Hometown: Montreal
Family: husband, 2 kids
Occupation: Marketing

– Delivery options
– Icons or language translations

– Everything is always english

Usually likes to order food on friday evenings for the family to save her from cooking and cleaning and can spend more time heading into the weekend.

Competitive Audit

In order to construct a concise and solid foundation for Sammy’s Sandwiches, I had to venture out and see what the prominent restaurant applications were already doing and what user goals they were not reaching. I evaluated several features deemed vital from user surveys and identified which ones Sammy’s Sandwiches could capitalize on to have a leg up over other applications.

I found that only two of the four main competitors offered user profiles.. Even then, the user profile feature is incredibly limited and offers very little in terms of order convenience.

Others refuse to offer any sort of loyalty programs or incentives to customers.

Preparing the Journey

Before moving onto high fidelity wireframes and mocks, I wanted to get a feel for what the core of the app would look like when put in front of me. I also wanted to address how a user could expedite their order.

Digital Wireframe

After ideating and drafting some paper wireframes, I created the initial designs Saammy’s Sandwiches app. These designs focused heavily on the user’s journey to convert previous or favourite orders quickly and have less touch points.
To prepare for usability testing, I created a lo-fi prototype that connected user flow creating a profile and re-ordering from an existing account.
View the Lo-Fi app here
first aid affinity map


These were the main findings uncovered by the usability study:
  • Creating a new profile was frustrating. Wasn’t obvious how to create one
  • People with vision impairments found the icons too small to see and had to zoom in too often
  • App design was uneventful and tone was too robotic
  • Some tasks took too long to complete compared to other apps because the buttons to press were not in obvious places

Mockups 1

Based on the usability study I created a layout consisting of hiearchy by grouping previous orders together and then adding favourite items with CTAs to quickly repeat the order, all within their account screen.
Login and account creation became easier by adding an account button on the upper right corner of the every screen. Icons and buttons were made larger and more prominent.

5 out of 5 total participants said they found this process easy and enjoyable.

“It really helps that I can easily find my previous or favourite orders and 1-click to start the order” — Participant 5
account re-order page

High-fidelity prototype

The high-fidelity prototype followed the same user flow as the lo-fi prototype, including design changes made after the usability study.

View the Hi-Fi app here
first aid affinity map

Style Guide

Rustic colours were created to portray authentic italian sandwiches. San-serif fonts were included to give a balance of modern design to an otherwise traditional palette.


The tone and design of the app are easy to follow and make the whole experience enjoyable.

Some tasks need to be more obvious for those users who aren’t as computer literate as others.

Next Step 01

I would further enhance the map section to show best route options after checkout when user is picking up an order

Next Step 02

I would need to add a cart button on the header bar for quick access to order

Next Step 03

I would like to add more menu items and choices for even more customer satisfaction
Thank you for reviewing the My First Aid case study.
For more in-depth analysis you can view the process deck below.

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