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Husky were in the midst of a war on plastics. Being in the plastic injection molding industry, they were trying to find ways of convincing the public that plastic is the safest and most sustainable material compared to aluminum, cartons and glass. Whilst doing that, they also were trying to gain marketshare in the beer space with the objective of converting brewers and bottlers from glass bottles to PET.
beer pour

Husky, being a premium brand in the plastic industry, prides itself and focuses a lot of its efforts on emphasizing their technologies, engineering and innovation in their marketing communication.

When trying to reach craft brewers and large players in the beer space, we set out to switch the marketing focus to simply emphasize the the features and benefits of puting beer in PET bottles.

In doing this, the goal was to educate the public that the war on plastic was misunderstood as well as to offer insight and intrigue to brewers and to initiate conversation in switching from glass and cans to PET.

Creating beer bottle mock-ups with labels that emphasize the different features and benefits of putting beer in PET.

Introducing the idea in various bottle shapes as well as in different environments to give a better understanding of our message while remaining visually appealing and capturing interest.
beer bottle round
My role in this project was strictly design. It was my duty to keep the visuals of this project interesting and was given a significant amount of creative freedom.

I was applauded for the idea of creating mock-ups, producing a landing page, PPT slides, print collateral and emails that ventured away from the usual Husky brand while still keeping within the guidelines.

The copy and tone for this project was Natasha Saladino and she managed to champion these ideas and my vision to the Husky stakeholders and sales staff to further communicate this campaign in the field.

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