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UX/UI redesign


After reviewing the McDonald’s website, there isn’t an easy way to order food. It seems the company relies on the user to already be aware of the “McDelivery” website or familiar with using 3rd party food delivery services.

In the case of McDelivery, the website does not mimic the well executed McDonald’s mobile app.  This mobile app has a dominant focus on food ordering and provides a positive user experience.

Interactive Prototype

Main Page

McDonalds Main Page

Product Pages

McDonalds Product
EVM Product

Transaction Pages

McDonalds bag
thank you

Analyze features and benefits of the McDonald’s mobile app and create a similar user experience when placing food orders.

Develop a column based layout approach that can be adopted globally which will accommodate all languages and characters to fit within the layout. Create a mock journey of placing an order to make the user have an enjoyable experience.

User Account Info


While keeping company specific information regarding franchising and charitable work in the peripherals, a focus of ordering food has taken centre stage in this redesign.

Minor font changes to the brand have also been applied for better readability and enhanced aesthetic.

A hero image or slider of current promotions could be displayed dynamically according to geo location and calendar, further increasing the likelihood of selling.


Objective was to create a user friendly way of ordering food directly from the McDonald’s website which would contain user portal access as well as customized promotions, dynamic cross-selling / up-selling tactics to further increase online global sales.